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(Replace "YOURAFFID" with your Clickbank ID and "YOURTID" with your unique tracking ID - if any)


(Replace "YOURAFFID" with your Clickbank ID and "YOURTID" with your unique tracking ID - if any)


(Replace "YOURAFFID" with your Clickbank ID and "YOURTID" with your unique tracking ID - if any)

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Subject 1: Public Notice: Permanent Water Shutdown

Subject 2: Final Notice: Water Shut-Off


Fellow patriot,

The cat is out of the bag! 

The U.S. is about to run dry and a nationwide water shutdown is imminent.

I urge you to take a look at this NASA’s secret recently disclosed report ASAP.

You’ll want to see it because it reveals a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT that’s happening as I write this, and it’s heading your way.

Unfortunately, none of the mainstream ways for finding or storing water to quench your family’s thirst will be useful. 

And I don’t need anybody to confirm this for me because I experienced it on my own skin and it almost got me and my family killed.

In fact I was pronounced dead on arrival because of it! 

>>Find out how to avoid it happening to you.<<

Stay safe,


P.S. The sooner you discover how to tap into Nature’s secret water reservoir that is hidden in plain sight, the better. Do this NOW!


Subject Line 1: ALERT! Major Water Restrictions In Effect!

Subject Line 2: WARNING! Water Cutoff!


Fellow patriot,

On the day the government FINALLY issues a formal warning that Major Water Cutoffs are to take effect I’m afraid it will already be too late.

The worst part?

The mainstream ways for finding or storing water to secure your family’s basic needs for survival are not only in danger, but are soon to be completely useless.

>>Here is the reason WHY and what you can do about it TODAY!!!<<

We’re in the early stages of what is now known as the 100-year long drought of catastrophic severity!

I wish I was wrong about this but I’m not, because it almost cost me my life.

I urge you to look at this undeniable proof from NASA’s Secret “TELL-ALL” Report ASAP and avoid it happening to you!

Stay safe,


P.S. My biggest life-threatening mistake was assuming I have taken every possible precaution to protect and provide for my family. Don’t waste precious time TAKE ACTION NOW!


Subject Line 1: Silent Alarm: Nationwide Drought IMMINENT!

Subject Line 2: Emergency Distress Signal: WATER STOPPAGE! 


Attention fellow patriot,

This recently leaked NASA’s Secret Report has me more than worried.

Approximately 100,000 wells of our precious water are about to dry-out entirely this year alone, and as the report above proves eventually every well will soon be dry-as-a-bone.

Maybe you have already noticed this. 

But not me.. I foolishly brushed this information off until I experienced its full force on this on my own skin.

On the day my family’s well went dry-as-dirt I knew something was up… 

But still I didn’t think much of it since I planned to just dig a new one and I always had about 500 gallons of stockpiled water readily available.

Turns out exactly that would lead to an unforeseeable event that almost cost me my life.

I urge you to take a look at this RIGHT NOW and avoid making the same mistake!


P.S. Luckily an amazing military invention used by the army in one of the most cruel deserts on the planet proved to be a solution to the problem I didn’t even realize I had.

Find out everything you need to know about this RIGHT HERE!


Subject Line 1: My Water Bill (INSIDE) 

Subject Line 2: Why I’ll NEVER have a Water Stockpile again


Hey it’s [NAME],

I recently returned from the hospital and I don’t want to waste mine or your precious time but this you got to know because it may very well save your life and the life of your family.

The price I paid for doing everything right, and being prepared was almost losing my LIFE.

It got me pronounced clinically dead! So if you want to avoid it potentially happening to you.

I encourage you to take a look at THIS as soon as possible


P.S. If you have or plan to have a stockpile of water this recently leaked NASA’s REPORT is something you’ll want to take a look at. 

P.P.S I wish I had known about it sooner because I almost died because of not realizing the issue I had. Don’t make the same mistake DO THIS RIGHT NOW!


Subject 1: Sign of the times (UPPSETNING) Footage

Subject 2: Security Issue Surveillance Footage (SENSITIVE)


This is the footage my wife showed me when I woke up in the hospital, after barely making it. 

>>My private surveillance footage.<<

I was pronounced clinically dead and it’s the sign of the times.

But not of the times a-coming, but that are already here.

And I’m afraid to say I don’t see it getting any better.

A horrifying event is turning average Joe’s into vicious, cold blooded robbers and killers that are not after your money, your tools or your electronics.


They are after your water stash and this only recently uncovered NASA report is the reason why.

Stay safe,


P.S. If you want to truly be self-sufficient and safe, you have to check out this “DRY” water-extraction method right now.


Subject 1: Water Shortage! Did you know about this?

Subject 2: Tap Into Nature’s Secret Water Reservoir


When it comes to water, the U.S. is running on empty! 

And I don’t need anyone to tell me that, because all I have to do is look down at the bottom of my now dry-as-a-bone well.

Unfortunately, according to NASA’s secret report, there is a disturbing reason behind this. 

(It has nothing to do with Global warming B.S. propaganda) – Click here and see for yourself.

They’re calling it THE MEGADROUGHT – a strange weather phenomenon that happens once every 1000 years.

And guess what… our generation got the short end of the stick. 

Because this weather pattern isn’t gonna happen in 50 years, 20 years or even in 5. 

It’s already HERE… started over a decade ago.

The worst part? It’s only the beginning of a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT

When I look back. I now realize all the signs were there…

Every year the water level in our well seemed to be dropping more and more. 

It used to be full of fresh, clean water that my family relied on and now… it was running on empty until it completely dried out.

But still, I believed I was safe. 

We were planning to dig another well, and in the meantime I had (as I always do) a supply of 500 gallons of water… 

I’m sad to say that water stash almost cost me my life!

And if you want to avoid it happening to you or God forbid your family – watch this ASAP.

I’m just one man, and I’m not trying to save the world, but I’ll sure as hell do anything to protect my family.

This is why I didn’t rest until I came upon an amazing military invention that today ensures my family NEVER has to rely…

…on harvesting rain…

…on a water well that might dry-out soon…

...or go begging the government to quench their thirst.

Do this instead: This portable “Air Fountain System” will make you truly independent!



Subject 1: Pronounced Clinically DEAD Because Of Water Supply? (NOT Bacteria Related)


According to NASA, we’re going to face a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT

A drought more devastating than the 1930s Dust Bowl that left millions of people without the basics of life… like water and food.

And it’s not something that will happen in 50 years, in 20 years, or even in 5 years. The terrifying truth is it has already started… over a decade ago. 

This drought will affect THE ENTIRE CONTINENT from Canada to Mexico… It will crush the way of life we hold so dear.

When I first heard about this I didn’t really panic because my family and I WERE prepared. 

At the time we had stockpiled about 500 gallons of fresh, clean water.

But little did I know that things would change in one horrifying moment.

One night three robbers caught me off guard and didn’t go after our money, or electronics. 

No, they were after water my family depended on to survive. 

That encounter sent me to the ER where I was pronounced as clinically dead.

I was lucky. But sure as God made little green apples it didn't feel that way at the time.

I was beyond grateful my family was unharmed. So that day I promised God and myself that I will NEVER let that happen again.

That terrible event led me to the discovery of an “Air Fountain” – a virtually inexhaustible water supply system that extracts water from thin air.

Find out all about how this portable and undetectable water generator can produce up to 10 gallons of water per day from DRY desert air

You and your family never have to worry about having fresh, clean water again.



Subject 1: WARNING! Even If You Have A Water Stockpile This Message Is For You


The mainstream ways for supplying or storing your water to quench your family’s thirst will soon be useless…

According to a NASA’s secret report a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT has already started over a decade ago!

It’s going to affect the ENTIRE continent from Canada to Mexico. That’s why they’re calling it the MEGADROUGHT, and the time is ticking. Click here to find out more details before it’s not too late. 

When I first heard about it. I waved it off. Even though all the signs were there. 

Each year the water level in our well seemed to be dropping more and more, until last year it went dead dry on us. 

But I didn’t panic. I always had 500 gallons of water supply that I knew would last us long enough till we dug a new well.

What I didn’t know was that there were people out there who were already showing the signs of times to come. People that knew digging a new well won't save them or me.

One fateful night I caught two robbers on our homestead. I thought they were after my tools or money… but I was wrong. They were stealing the water my family relied on for our survival.

I was also wrong about another thing. As I held those two scumbags at gunpoint a third one snuck up behind me and sent me to the ER where I was pronounced clinically dead.

I barely survived but I thank God every day for what happened. Because I realized that stockpiling water wasn’t the solution to the inevitable dreadful times that await us.

Click here and I’ll show you exactly how I was able to find a way to NEVER rely on water supply and put my family in danger again.

I’ll show you exactly how to generate vast amounts of water from thin air (even if you live in the middle of a scorching hot desert). Click here to discover how.



Subject 1: Secret Military Technology That Makes Water Out Of Thin Air, Even In The Desert (INSIDE)


Two years ago when our homestead well completely dried out I knew something was wrong.

And my curious nature didn’t rest until I found out that a horrific event of Biblical proportions is not only inevitable… but it's already happening.

Sure as a gun, I discovered a recently undisclosed NASA’s report about a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT that hasn't been seen in a thousand years, heading our way.

They’re calling it THE MEGADROUGHT!

And I’m afraid to say that NASA’s proof is rock solid on this — Click here and see for yourself.

The first thing that got me suspicious that something’s up, was realizing that the military doesn’t rely on stockpiling water. They use an amazing invention to provide fresh, clean water for their soldiers even in the middle of the red hot desert.

And I don’t know about you but when the military starts to utilize a certain technology I tend to pay special attention to it.

I realized that the mainstream ways for finding or storing water will soon be useless…

That my family will depend on FEMA, the government, or greedy water suppliers to quench their thirst. 

And that was unacceptable to me. So I was determined to find out everything I could about that new military technology.

This led me to the road to discovery of a constant, reliable, portable, off grid water source. 

Find out how you too can protect your loved ones.


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